Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Top 10 Things to Accomplish in 2010

Are you someone who declares resolutions each year? I think at one time I used to do that. But I would be willing to bet you that I dropped the ball on whatever I was so resolute to change. So, I stopped making resolutions a few years back.

This year I am compelled to try again.

For some reason I have a great feeling about this year, and I know some of you are feeling the same way. So, here is my top 10 list of things that I plan on accomplishing throughout this year:

10. Open that Etsy shop (because I'm almost there anyway)
9. Revamp my blog (didn't I already start a new application called WordPress, uh... yes... another thing I procrastinated on in 2009)
8. Become more philanthropic
7. Re-purpose at least 10 items in my closet that I'm thinking of ditching
6. Read one book each month (I just finished the Christmas List by Richard Paul Evans... so moving I actually cried in several parts... )
5. Get back into a Bible study, either through my church or on my own
4. Make 100 preemie caps for donations to area hospitals through my church
3. Get reconnected with at least two long-lost family members and stay in regular contact
2. To see my sister at least once every month... no exceptions
1. To stop being such a nag to Hubby and The Little Guy (in other words, learn to let go a bit more... )

So there you have it. I'll check back when our next New Year rolls around and see how I've done. I know this list isn't completely comprehensive, nor is it an outstanding one, but I think it's a good start. Who know, perhaps I'll add to it as the year progresses!

What are your hopes for the new year?