Saturday, November 1, 2014

Episode 45: Working Through All the Things

Since the last episode these stitchy hands have been busy and my mind has been working to balance hobbies, work and family time. Join me as I walk through physical and mental progress, what's finished, what's still in the queue and what's gone by the wayside.

Out 'o the Bag
In the Bag
Yarn for Bulky Scarf/Cowl
Original Swatch

Felted Swatch (after using hot water)

The Threaded Needle
In My Library
In My Stash
In My Ears
In the Loop
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Fit 'n Stitchy
  • Yoga Journey - Yoga Studio App $3.99
  • Walks with cooler mornings and stars
  • More Instagramming using Shorty's Sutures account 
  • Managing stress - article from Harvard Business Review by James R. Bailey  link to article
    "The most important question for executives under stress — whether or not you have Barra-level responsibilities — is how to counter its corrosive effects. Over the past three years I conducted interviews with 127 executives from 18 countries to explore senior executives’ sources of renewal in the face of relentless tension. To renew themselves, executives take a number of steps, which fall roughly into four categories. Health, including exercise, sleep, and diet, is the most common type of renewal. What I call “removal” is the next most common; removal is anything that whisks you away from work’s struggles. Concerts, sporting events, theater, movies, TV, and fine dining were mentioned, as were stopping by the spa or the tavern. Family time fits here too. The third category is intellectual activities, such as puzzles, games, the study of history or botany, reading, bird-watching, and hobbies like model building. The fourth is introspection: Transcendental Meditation, prayer, breathing techniques, setting aside time for reflection, therapy (including Neural Feedback Training), and participation in support groups. These executives are on the right track. Past research has shown that the harmful effects of stress can be at least partially counteracted by spending just 20 to 30 minutes per day engaging in renewal activities."
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Until next time, keep those hands stitchin'!