Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Listening and Viewing Pleasures


Last night I was treated to an exciting adventure by my lovely Hubby. For my birthday this year he gifted me two tickets to see and hear David Sedaris live in Dallas.

This is a huge deal for me because David Sedaris is one of my favorite authors.  The word funny just doesn't do him justice. There is a level of wit and depth on a disturbed level that I really enjoy. He communicates his dysfunctional, politically incorrect roots by describing memories and stories in such a way that I feel like I'm a fly on the wall as he narrates the scene.

I was curious as to how entertained Hubby would be considering he had never read the material himself, but he was doubled-over laughing just as much as I was for the entire presentation.

And, to top it off, Hubby was willing to wait in line with me so that I could meet Mr. Sedaris and have my copy of Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk autographed by him. How cool was that?  I was impressed with how conversational he was with us, too. Hubby told him a joke, and he seemed to be genuinely entertained. Although I feel I must also point out that he was equally entertained by everyone who approached him. It may have just been fodder for future writing material. He's very good at making fun of everyone around him.

Not familiar with David Sedaris? Go here to have a listen courtesy of NPR.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So, I Had a Moment. Or Two

This morning started off strangely. The podcast I was listening to while I got ready was new and rambly. I'm not a fan of the podcast ramblers. I like for podcasts to be tidy and concise. I may have mentioned that to you before. But this narrator was sweet and in good spirits so I tried to muddle through. I kept thinking about how grateful I should be that I didn't have some of the issues going on that she was describing, but I ended up pausing the noise because it was just stressing me out.

As I got ready I thought I had a good idea for my hair, which is desperately in need of a trim. And it's too dark right now, thanks to my last root-coloring session. In summary that means that I haven't really cared for how my hair has been turning out as of late, so why I began to bother with a style that was temperamental was just setting myself up for a disaster.

Then I checked my phone for the time. I'm supposed to be finished with hair and makeup, and in my closet getting dressed by 5:45 a.m. so that I can then fix breakfast, grab my lunch bag, then leave for my commute to work. Well, I noticed I was late, and my hair was not cooperating.

I made it to the closet to get dressed by 5:51 a.m. and then began struggling with the right combination of clothing. Things weren't working. Tears began to flow. I sat down on the little ottoman in my closet and tried to blubber quietly while Hubby snoozed. I debated calling in to work. The mountain of laundry in my ironing basket seemed to snarl at me saying if I had kept up with my ironing and dry cleaning getting dressed wouldn't be this stressful.

Furthermore, I found myself thinking that I wasn't going to have time to eat breakfast. I convinced myself long ago that I don't think well on an empty stomach so staying home from work today would be the best option for fellow coworkers as well as myself.

Then I stood up, headed back to the bathroom to finish my hair in the outfit that wasn't very pleasing, and just deal with it all. I wiped my runny mascara, reapplied it where I had just caused it to run, and trudged into the kitchen to pack my lunch.

I skipped breakfast. Then realized in the car that I walked off and left my reheated coffee on the counter. I grabbed my music and dialed into The Cure and began to reminisce of happy high school days where the songs were carrying me back to. Soon enough I was at work, muddling through my tasks at hand, looking forward to lunch. I made sure to crochet a row before ending my break.

What sucks most about this start to my day is that tonight is going to be a really awesome night. Hubby got tickets for us to see David Sedaris live in Dallas, who is my favorite author. I haven't ever seen him read on stage before, I've only heard some of his audio recordings and seen him on David Letterman, so I'm really and truly super excited about getting to see him in person tonight.

If you'll pardon me, I need to attempt to finish pulling my head out (so to speak) so that I can mentally tune in to the festivities that are to come. I know it will be a great end to a day that started out with an emotional blunder. I predict I will be smiling incessantly very soon.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Create Inspiration in Three Steps (easy for you to say)

Have you considered creating an inspiration board? Perhaps you have one already... I've thought about making one numerous times, but I just haven't made the time to put one together. It sounds simple enough....

Step One:  create a base for your board (bulletin board, wood, metal, fabric)
Step Two:  collect small items that you find inspirational
Step Three:  attach your collected items with pins, glue, magnets or whatever makes your board work

I must admit I'm a bit apprehensive when it comes to thinking about putting one together. I am not particularly fond of the idea of just jumbling a bunch of random things together in a square or rectangular fashion. I like the idea of color coordination and keeping things relative to each other somehow, with even spacing all the way around.

I feel like I'm over-analyzing. There is a key word that's popping out at me in that word... analyzing. Did you spot it? Anal. Which is what I can be when I want to be. And, that's actually what I am when it comes to planning an inspiration board.

Perhaps I'm zapping the possibility of becoming inspired because of my over-analysis.

What are your thoughts on finding inspiration? Are you good at finding it anywhere you look, or do you prefer the option of having a space for collector's items that will inspire you and your level of creativity?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Colors to Share

Another infinity scarf, but this one is for me! I picked up this Mini Mochi yarn last year at a little yarn shop in Santa Fe, and I've had an unfinished project going ever since. This week I focused and finished it up so I could enjoy the colorful striping. The stitch is mostly just half-double crochet, but if you look closely at the bright green single ruffle on the left side you'll notice a couple of bobble rows, and some treble crochets above that. I adore the greens to reds in this colorway... so perfect for me.

I also wanted to post a new picture of the Pumpkin cowl I finished a couple of weeks ago. This picture gives a more accurate visual of the actual shade of orange.

And this little pic had to be thrown in, too. It's one of my new place settings that Mom treated me to when she was in town last week. We headed to Pier 1 and loaded up our baskets with all kinds of goodies.

The napkin ring was called Circus and I just couldn't take my eyes off it! I love the little balloons with the bright colors. It was just screaming at me to take a set of them home. So I did. Thanks, Mom!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another Day Full of Time

Yesterday before I left work I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish before the night was over. There were several things I needed to take care of, and too often I can get into procrastination mode once I make it home in the evenings. The list did the trick! I marked off all but two things, both of which I was able to wrap up on my lunch break today.

Now I'm ready to make a new list for tonight. I read a great article yesterday about making time. Not just making time for yourself, but making time for what you think you don't have time for, like being creative. I kept that article in mind as I finished up my tasks last night, and I'm going to try and do the same today. I'm tired of feeling like each week is a blur and I'm not accomplishing all I want to accomplish.

I have a serious desire these days to be creative. As I've mentioned in recent posts I can't stop thinking about crocheting, podcasts, various yarns and all the things I want to make. I've taken steps to make sure I'm crocheting more, but that's not all I want to do. So, I'm going to continue to take steps to let the creative side of my brain and my life lead me. I hope you'll join me!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

37 Reasons for Being Excited

Ok, so there are only five candles on this little cake, but they represent 37 years of being alive!
My birthday was on Saturday, and I've been living it up big-time! Saturday I treated myself to a wonderful day at the DFW FiberFest in Grapevine, Texas. I had an absolute blast attending a couple of crochet classes and treating myself to a bit of yarn shopping.

That night I was treated even more by my family to a wonderful dinner full of laughter and poking fun at my mom for the crazy-funny things she likes to say on accident, Sunday I did a wee bit of birthday shopping, and now I'm off to meet two of my bestest girlies for a toast and a fried green tomato!

Let the celebration continue!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Consumed by Crochet!

It's official... I've become consumed by crocheting! Last night I took a wee bit of time off to sew a couple of quilt blocks, but other than that I've been crocheting on my lunch breaks, in the evenings and on the weekends. I must admit I'm in love with it!

Not only are my hands moving with yarn more and more these days, but I seem to constantly be thinking about yarn, too! What would it be like to crochet with silk ribbon, how comfy would a wool scarf be, what do merino/silk blends feel like, how can I felt something, how fun would needle-felting be.... and the list continues! My brain is on overdrive with all the yarn thoughts I have these days. I even bought a shirt from Twinkie Chan that says "Yarn Ho!" and I want to wear it all the time!

Then there are the podcasts... I can't listen to them enough! I'm replaying recent episodes of Yarncraft, Getting Loopy, Stash & Burn, Knitter's Brewing Co (just to name a few) as I wait for their latest and greatest episodes to be down-loadable onto my phone.

I'm crazy, I tell ya! Crazy for Crochet! And, as dorky as that sounds it makes me smile every time I think about it.

So, here's my latest completed project... it's an open work infinity scarf pattern that I found on Interweave Crochet several months back. I made one for my mom in a variegated blue organic cotton from an indie company. My version is made from a Pumpkin colored wool/cotton yarn from Rowan. It is so wonderful! Even though it is more of a fall color I'm wearing it for spring! Maybe I'll make another one in a pastel color.... hmmmm.

Today I ordered my first sock making kit from Knitter's Brewing Company so I can participate in one of the knit-alongs (yes, I know... it's not crocheting, but a yarn addict is always looking for a new pleasurable task!). And this weekend I'm giving myself a birthday present by attending the DFW Fiber Fest! I'm scheduled for two crochet classes, one with Mary Beth Temple (of Getting Loopy) and the other one is being taught by Robin Chachula. I'm beside myself with excitement!

Stay tuned for more exciting yarn-ish news in the coming weeks. I hope you're as excited a I am!