Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Consumed by Crochet!

It's official... I've become consumed by crocheting! Last night I took a wee bit of time off to sew a couple of quilt blocks, but other than that I've been crocheting on my lunch breaks, in the evenings and on the weekends. I must admit I'm in love with it!

Not only are my hands moving with yarn more and more these days, but I seem to constantly be thinking about yarn, too! What would it be like to crochet with silk ribbon, how comfy would a wool scarf be, what do merino/silk blends feel like, how can I felt something, how fun would needle-felting be.... and the list continues! My brain is on overdrive with all the yarn thoughts I have these days. I even bought a shirt from Twinkie Chan that says "Yarn Ho!" and I want to wear it all the time!

Then there are the podcasts... I can't listen to them enough! I'm replaying recent episodes of Yarncraft, Getting Loopy, Stash & Burn, Knitter's Brewing Co (just to name a few) as I wait for their latest and greatest episodes to be down-loadable onto my phone.

I'm crazy, I tell ya! Crazy for Crochet! And, as dorky as that sounds it makes me smile every time I think about it.

So, here's my latest completed project... it's an open work infinity scarf pattern that I found on Interweave Crochet several months back. I made one for my mom in a variegated blue organic cotton from an indie company. My version is made from a Pumpkin colored wool/cotton yarn from Rowan. It is so wonderful! Even though it is more of a fall color I'm wearing it for spring! Maybe I'll make another one in a pastel color.... hmmmm.

Today I ordered my first sock making kit from Knitter's Brewing Company so I can participate in one of the knit-alongs (yes, I know... it's not crocheting, but a yarn addict is always looking for a new pleasurable task!). And this weekend I'm giving myself a birthday present by attending the DFW Fiber Fest! I'm scheduled for two crochet classes, one with Mary Beth Temple (of Getting Loopy) and the other one is being taught by Robin Chachula. I'm beside myself with excitement!

Stay tuned for more exciting yarn-ish news in the coming weeks. I hope you're as excited a I am!