Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Caps in March

I have been squeezing in time to crochet as often as possible. It's funny how often my mind ends up picturing my yarn stash and the things I want to make. There are a few things that I am really, really, really wanting to make before our next cool weather season. Hopefully I can stay on track and accomplish some serious goals!

Part of what is keeping me from crocheting for me is that I've been making baby caps for friends. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy doing that, but I find myself asking why I'm not working on one of those projects that's been rolling around in my head.
Caps finished this week for a friend

I purchased some fabric, some super cute fabric, from Fabricworm last month that I haven't played with either. And, I was gifted some fabric and yarn for Christmas that I haven't touched yet, too. I think my next goal should be to map out a plan for some serious crafting-for-me projects.

Cowl for Mom
I am hoping to make some summer accessories like necklaces that border on being a light cowl, but nothing too heavy where I wouldn't actually wear it in warmer weather. And, I would like to try out some fun colors. I made this cowl for my mom in a yarn colorway that she picked out that works perfect with denim or any light color. I'm hoping to make one for myself, too, but in another yarn color.

What are you working on as you are getting ready for (or are already indulging in) Spring?