Monday, June 29, 2009

Back Porch Wonderings

Sometimes I love just sitting outside on the back porch enjoying the shade, the breeze and the smells of summer. Don't you love how some smells can transport you back in time to a place of innocence and adventure?

I can't say that I love the 100+ degree heat wave that we've had in North Texas the last week or so, but sometimes that heat can bring out memories and smells that take me back to playing outside during the summer time while I was growing up. Back before the scares of sunburn and heat exhaustion. How were those things not issues back then??? Anyways...
Sitting on the back porch, around 10:30 a.m., the sun was high in the sky but there was a breeze blowing through the shady patio area. I could hear the leaves on the willow rustling, distant doggy sounds, a few birds, some bugs buzzing by, my Dobie running through the grass... And the smells. I'm not sure if it was the Mesquite trees behind my fence, but the smell reminded me of Mimosa trees and their shedded bean pods that used to fall to the ground in yards that I grew up around. I used those bean pods for my mud pie toppings, or would just peel them apart and play with the seeds, letting the dried out husks fall apart in my hands.

Did your grandparents or relatives have Mimosa trees? It seems that all the older folks had those in their yards. I refer to those trees as Retro Trees since they make me think of grandparents. I would really like to have one. I love the little pink and white fuzzy flowers. And those pods.

What favorite yard memories do you have from childhood, and are there smells that transport you back to those days?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday morning lovelies...

What a great feeling... I'm officially on vacation! I do not have to go to work all next week, and our family camping adventure is about to begin. There is a nice little cool front heading to Texas that should arrive Sunday, and keep the temps in the mid 90's through the week. Thank the Lord since we'll be living it up tent style during that time! I'm praying for a breeze, enough to keep the bugs at bay, and no snakes, no snakes, no snakes!

I slept in this morning, did a bit of dusting around the house, then headed to a spinning class at 9:30. (I think I've found a form of exercise that I actually like!) Hubby and I had lunch after I got home, I chatted with The Little Guy, my sis and my mom on the phone, then we started looking at camping meals we can plan. I'm hoping to have some great meal ideas to share with you after our experiments.

I'll have some random posts scheduled for you while I'm gone, but stay tuned next week for the camping recap. And, if you have some prayer time to spare.... please pray for no mishaps, no weirdos and no snakes to intervene during our vacation please!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

How crazy am I?

I really wonder about that. In the words of Green Day, "I'm a walking contradiction" sometimes.

I love having good friends, but I also love solitude. I don't want too many phone calls in a day, if you know what I mean. I love to schedule a girlie get-together, but I don't want anyone calling me too often needing to cry on my shoulder, or just call me with nothing to say so that there is a lot of awkward silence and empty filler.

What a great friend am I?

Then I find myself getting lonely and reaching out to see who feels like chatting on the phone, or who wants to get together for a beverage. I'll schedule a lunch date or an after work hang out session then I'm good to go for a month or so.

Then there is the aspect of wanting to do good in my community, of wanting to help out more at the church or volunteer for various philanthropic causes. But, I don't want to give up my family time, my crafts, or lounging time too often. I hate running from one thing to the next day after day, week after week. I need things on MY terms most of the time, if you know what I mean.

What kind of a volunteer does that make me?

Then there is the basic need to work outside the home. I love providing for my family's welfare, and all of the other things that come with having an income, but I find myself wanting to be a stay-at-home-mom a lot these days. Or heck, just be a professional shopper like my mom. But, where would the funds come from for that profession? I always forget to play the lottery so I'm not exactly increasing my odds for that possibility. And I think about going back to school, getting a Masters and a Teaching Certificate and working towards becoming a professor, a very eccentric one in my old age. But, then I think I like my current job just fine... my easy somewhat cushy job that can be monotonous without many rewards most days.

What kind of an employee does that make me?

Maybe I'm normal. Maybe I'm just stuck in this "rat race" living life in a somewhat full way so that I'll have the basic necessities and comforts of American life. I guess I want to "give back" like most people do, but just don't want to give "too much" of me away in the process.

But, you know what? I could easily adjust to being one of those Trust Fund Baby types... living off the interest someone else invested for me, globe-trotting on a whim, finding myself in the society pages regularly. Then again, maybe I want too much privacy for that lifestyle. Can I just take the money and live as a recluse???

ahhh, the tangled web that is my brain.... Thanks for stopping by to read my drivel for today!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Back home...

Well, making a trip to Vegas and back in 24 hours is just not for me. Not only is it exhausting, but it is a sad thing for me to do.

My mom and I are very close. I had a really hard time with her moving out there about five years ago. But, moving where the man lives is what a lot of women in her generation have done throughout their lives, so I don't blame her. I'm glad she's happily married. I'm just wishing he (the step-faj) would retire and prefer a life in Texas. Not likely to happen any time soon.

Then you top that off with me being very close to The Little Guy, and as soon as we get in the door yesterday from the airport his dad was picking him up for Father's Day, and me not getting to spend more than 24 hrs with him before he's off to his dad's for a week after a two-week stint with my mom... well, that just makes me sad, too.

Hubby listened to me sob like a baby yesterday afternoon when The Little Guy left. Tried to console me without really understanding what I was babbling about. And I've been in a bit of a funk ever since. I'm trying to get past it. I'll get to see The Little Guy this evening at his baseball end of season party. But, he won't come home until Sunday night. But, on a happier note, one week from today Hubby and I will be taking The Little Guy on OUR summer vacation. So, I'll get him back all to myself, sharing him outdoors while we camp, away from video games, mobile phones, computers, movies and all things that distract us when we're home.

I'm really looking forward to that!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Headed to Vegas

Well, it is almost time for The Little Guy's vacation with my mom to come to a close. So this morning I'm off to Vegas to meet them. I'll stay overnight with them then he & I will head back to Texas Sunday morning. A super quick trip to that crazy city, but that's ok. Seeing Mom and seeing my son after two weeks will be just the ticket for me!

Have a great Saturday!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Wee Bit of Thanks to Frugalicious

Fabulously Frugalicious had a great post today, as do so many other bloggers, but forgive me for not listing everyone. She listed six unimportant things that make her happy. I love those things!!! She tagged anyone who would like to play along so check it out. As you may have already guessed... I wanted to play along!

Six Unimportant Things That Make Me Happy!
1. Strolling through the craft stores and perusing the merchandise.
2. Painting my nails and having the paint job come out just right! (which is rare)
3. Getting through a basket of ironing.
4. Printing out tons of craft patterns that I may never actually get to since my craft pile is so high!
5. Watching Hubby's naked bum as he strolls through our room.
6. Trimming The Little Guy's nails.

Ok, you totally clicked on the link to Hubby's naked bum, didn't you? I know you did, no need to deny it! Sorry, but I had to crack myself up a bit, and share his nice covered bum with you one more time. I just can't get enough of that muscular.... I digress. My apologies if I promoted any gagging due to my going overboard!

On another note, Frugalicious also complimented me with a Blogger Friends Award and a sweet note about her thoughts on my blog. Thank you so much for thinking of me, my friend! I send that wonderful sentiment right back to you!

I hope you all are having a great week and are looking forward to the weekend. I have the privilege of picking up The Little Guy from his summer vacation with Granny on Saturday, so I'm looking forward to the weekend getting here fast!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bachelorette anyone?

So, who's watching the latest season of The Bachelorette? I must confess I was very excited to see Jillian Harris as the leading lady. I really liked her on the last season of The Bachelor. But, last night I got a taste of how disillusioned she is, and I really thought she wasn't a typical naive kind of gal.

There was one of the fellas, Ed, who was given an ultimatum by his boss to come back to work or lose his job and stay there to find love. He gave it some thought and decided he had to go back to work. There are still nine other guys to compete with, so why should he chance being totally unemployed and screwing up his finances to wait and see if she might keep him around longer? I totally understood his decision.

Who knows why the guy signed on for being on the show. Maybe he thought he wouldn't make it that far, or maybe he thought the whole process wouldn't go on for weeks. I'm not sure. But, Jillian's reaction was overly dramatic. She kept going on and on about how love shouldn't get in the way of a job.

Spoken from the mouth of a privileged girl, in my working class opinion.

I still like Jillian a lot. I hope she finds true love! I just also hope that she is more realistic throughout the rest of the season. She needs to get rid of the toe fetish guy Tanner P. for Pete's sake!!! And the wannabe-country music star Wes. Why she's hanging on two those to rejects is beyond me.

Until next week.....

Monday, June 15, 2009

Time is a-flying!

I can't believe how fast time is slipping past me! My weekend was practically a blur. The Little Guy has been vacationing with my mom, and I've managed to schedule all kinds of things to do while he's been gone.

Saturday Hubby and I started off the day with his first Sprint Triathlon. He came in 10th place in his age bracket!!! Congrats to my wonderful, studly man! I am so proud of him. He's been training his heart out, and was pretty psyched about his first-time results. He has another Triathlon in August and so his training continues! So glad I snapped a faceless pic so I could post about him! : )

From ten a.m. to three in the afternoon my Saturday was spent at the church working on quilts for our sewing guild stash. It was tiring, but a lot of fun. I always learn a lot from the ladies in our group. Hubby and I then headed to our neighborhood block party at four and proceeded to sweat all of the nutrients from our bodies for the next three hours. Just as temperatures were cooling down we decided we were pooped and ready to head home. We rounded the corner to our house to find that a gaggle of teens were having a blow-out bash carrying over into the street and our neighbors yards. Not a nice thing to try and relax to. Fortunately, parents started picking up their kids at ten p.m. so everything got quite just in time for sleep! (sometimes I really can't stand teenagers and am soooo not looking forward to my son becoming one. yes, I know... I was one back in the day, and an idiotic one at that. guess I'm getting my payback, eh?)

Sunday started off with a nice little cup of java, a church service, then I headed to meet some girlies for lunch, then a committee work meeting to paint banners and such for an upcoming event for kids involved with Child Protective Services (another day of massive sweating). I got home around eight and found Hubby doing yard work. Since I was a total sweat-pit I helped him sweep up the grass clippings then headed in for a shower.

I think I've cleansed my pores of all toxins this weekend thanks to Texas humidity and temps near 100 degrees, so that's a plus! But, there are several things carrying over into today that I still need to knock out. Ironing, coloring my hair, sewing, sewing and more sewing!!!!! And a class at the gym I would like to try... not sure if it will be the spinning class or the fitness yoga yet, but I'll make up my mind by the time they both begin.

Let's see what the evening brings!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Check out these fabrics...

Over at Moda Bake Shop... Why, you ask? Because I'm using the same fabrics for my nine-patch blocks in the Virtual Quilting Bee. I just love, love, love those cherries!!!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend Sewing

What a busy weekend it has been! The Little Guy has started his summer vacation by heading off with my mom to Nevada for a couple of weeks, so Hubby and I are busy working on projects around the hacienda.

Here's a peek at what I was able to accomplish...
You may remember that I posted about a virtual quilting bee I joined in May. The month I was assigned for my bee-friends to stitch my block is July, which means I've got to get my fabric and instructions in the mail this week so I know everyone will be able to keep moving. Last week I started cutting blocks and thinking about what pattern I wanted.

I decided on a simple nine-patch block with a double border. I finished cutting out the border strips tonight and have everything separated and ready for shipment. Each block will be completely different, so the one I have completed will not be duplicated exactly. Some of the other little blocks not shown are bright red, turquoise, yellow... and the interior border will be different on most of the other blocks, too. All of the outside borders, tho, will be the green & white polka dot fabric that you see above.

I completed a lot of my hand quilting this weekend, too, on that quilt I started in April. (I sat out on the back patio while I stitched letting the cool breeze & the sounds of birds chirping transport me to far away places!) I will be able to finish with this phase of the quilt this week and contact my instructor so she can show me how to finish the binding.

And, last but not least, I'm also participating in a Quilt-Along with Old Red Barn & Co. Here's a sneak peak of two sets of six strips that I stitched together. I have to finish sewing the strips, then cut them into 11.5 inch square blocks to be caught up. Phew... that was a lot of stitching this weekend! But, we went to a lake party in between all of that, so I did get out of my back yard and enjoy the glorious weather we had here. I hope you all had a great weekend, too!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ripe for the pickin'

This week we've been enjoying the first of our patio tomatoes! They are sooo delicious! If you've never had a homegrown tomato, then by ALL necessary means make friends with a gardener so you can taste them. They are nothing like what you can find at the store, even the farmer's markets. YUM-MEE!

We are going to have to really restrain ourselves from devouring them too quickly since this is our only tomato plant. Hopefully we can get lots of 'maters out of this little guy. We are really looking forward to a Fall garden so we can have more than just one plant. Sometimes in Texas a Fall garden can be much more productive than a Spring garden since there is less heat to contend with. At least that's what we've heard.... since we are complete novices in this department.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

200th Post

I missed acknowledging a monumental accomplishment.... Yesterday was my 200th post! I really can't believe I've had topics to discuss that have added up to 200.

And when I think about what a journey my little blog has taken since last August? I started my site off just chatting about wanting to workout more and venting about things.

I've moved on to posting about making things and meeting other crafty people. And the blogs I've found! I'm consistently amazed by the sites I find, the topics that are floating around out there, and the talented people who share with all of us.

Thanks for being part of Securityville, my friends. I appreciate you being part of my forum, and I hope I can keep you all interested for another 200 posts!

And, just for the record, another giveaway is coming soon thanks to a few people who would like a crocheted dish towel!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Quilting Bee

Last month I signed up with some new flikr friends for a Quilting Bee. The "Live Piecefully Quilting Bee" to be exact. You can check out some pics of what we've posted so far here. I finished my June block for Kat last night. (Her fabrics are really more pink than red, but my iphone camera doesn't have a flash, so the lighting can be quite off if I'm not snapping pics outside in the daylight.)

If you are interested in signing up for a virtual quilting bee feel free to search on flikr. There are tons of quilters putting these together so there is always one to join in.

Now I need to mail Kat's block to her, and get my fabric pieces to the ladies in my group. My blocks will be sewn in July, so I have to send everything out this month. I'm still trying to decide exactly what to send and what pattern to use.... As usual, I'm overanalyzing!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Artist Sisters & More

When I went to Santa Fe in April Mom and I stopped in a "pop art" gallery not far from The Plaza. I found so many of the coolest paintings! Purchasing a painting wasn't quite in my budget, but I did find this wonderful little collection of stories that you might also like. I bought this little book set. I think Princess La La is one of the cutest little characters I've ever seen, and there is also great artistry in Teenie Weenie Tales. I would love to be able to draw & create like these ladies.
Miss Mindy and CJ Metzger are sisters who come from a family of artists. I'm not just talking about people who doodle. I'm talking their grandmother was an artist for Disney in the 1930's, their mom a mask maker and artisan, and then there are more artists on the other side of their family, too! I find that so exciting! (I tried posting a pick from CJ's site but couldn't get it to work, so make sure you check out the link to her art.)

Another artist I liked there was Valery Milovic... her art is painted so brightly and is contrasted with a bit of morbidity. She has a facebook page you can check out, too. Love her icon image!That little pic I snapped with my iphone so I could look her up after leaving the gallery. Her art reminds me of Beetlejuice with those striped sleeves and white complexion, one of my all time favorite movies!

Check out the artists through these links!