Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday morning lovelies...

What a great feeling... I'm officially on vacation! I do not have to go to work all next week, and our family camping adventure is about to begin. There is a nice little cool front heading to Texas that should arrive Sunday, and keep the temps in the mid 90's through the week. Thank the Lord since we'll be living it up tent style during that time! I'm praying for a breeze, enough to keep the bugs at bay, and no snakes, no snakes, no snakes!

I slept in this morning, did a bit of dusting around the house, then headed to a spinning class at 9:30. (I think I've found a form of exercise that I actually like!) Hubby and I had lunch after I got home, I chatted with The Little Guy, my sis and my mom on the phone, then we started looking at camping meals we can plan. I'm hoping to have some great meal ideas to share with you after our experiments.

I'll have some random posts scheduled for you while I'm gone, but stay tuned next week for the camping recap. And, if you have some prayer time to spare.... please pray for no mishaps, no weirdos and no snakes to intervene during our vacation please!

Have a great weekend!