Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ripe for the pickin'

This week we've been enjoying the first of our patio tomatoes! They are sooo delicious! If you've never had a homegrown tomato, then by ALL necessary means make friends with a gardener so you can taste them. They are nothing like what you can find at the store, even the farmer's markets. YUM-MEE!

We are going to have to really restrain ourselves from devouring them too quickly since this is our only tomato plant. Hopefully we can get lots of 'maters out of this little guy. We are really looking forward to a Fall garden so we can have more than just one plant. Sometimes in Texas a Fall garden can be much more productive than a Spring garden since there is less heat to contend with. At least that's what we've heard.... since we are complete novices in this department.