Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bachelorette anyone?

So, who's watching the latest season of The Bachelorette? I must confess I was very excited to see Jillian Harris as the leading lady. I really liked her on the last season of The Bachelor. But, last night I got a taste of how disillusioned she is, and I really thought she wasn't a typical naive kind of gal.

There was one of the fellas, Ed, who was given an ultimatum by his boss to come back to work or lose his job and stay there to find love. He gave it some thought and decided he had to go back to work. There are still nine other guys to compete with, so why should he chance being totally unemployed and screwing up his finances to wait and see if she might keep him around longer? I totally understood his decision.

Who knows why the guy signed on for being on the show. Maybe he thought he wouldn't make it that far, or maybe he thought the whole process wouldn't go on for weeks. I'm not sure. But, Jillian's reaction was overly dramatic. She kept going on and on about how love shouldn't get in the way of a job.

Spoken from the mouth of a privileged girl, in my working class opinion.

I still like Jillian a lot. I hope she finds true love! I just also hope that she is more realistic throughout the rest of the season. She needs to get rid of the toe fetish guy Tanner P. for Pete's sake!!! And the wannabe-country music star Wes. Why she's hanging on two those to rejects is beyond me.

Until next week.....