Monday, June 1, 2009

Artist Sisters & More

When I went to Santa Fe in April Mom and I stopped in a "pop art" gallery not far from The Plaza. I found so many of the coolest paintings! Purchasing a painting wasn't quite in my budget, but I did find this wonderful little collection of stories that you might also like. I bought this little book set. I think Princess La La is one of the cutest little characters I've ever seen, and there is also great artistry in Teenie Weenie Tales. I would love to be able to draw & create like these ladies.
Miss Mindy and CJ Metzger are sisters who come from a family of artists. I'm not just talking about people who doodle. I'm talking their grandmother was an artist for Disney in the 1930's, their mom a mask maker and artisan, and then there are more artists on the other side of their family, too! I find that so exciting! (I tried posting a pick from CJ's site but couldn't get it to work, so make sure you check out the link to her art.)

Another artist I liked there was Valery Milovic... her art is painted so brightly and is contrasted with a bit of morbidity. She has a facebook page you can check out, too. Love her icon image!That little pic I snapped with my iphone so I could look her up after leaving the gallery. Her art reminds me of Beetlejuice with those striped sleeves and white complexion, one of my all time favorite movies!

Check out the artists through these links!