Monday, June 15, 2009

Time is a-flying!

I can't believe how fast time is slipping past me! My weekend was practically a blur. The Little Guy has been vacationing with my mom, and I've managed to schedule all kinds of things to do while he's been gone.

Saturday Hubby and I started off the day with his first Sprint Triathlon. He came in 10th place in his age bracket!!! Congrats to my wonderful, studly man! I am so proud of him. He's been training his heart out, and was pretty psyched about his first-time results. He has another Triathlon in August and so his training continues! So glad I snapped a faceless pic so I could post about him! : )

From ten a.m. to three in the afternoon my Saturday was spent at the church working on quilts for our sewing guild stash. It was tiring, but a lot of fun. I always learn a lot from the ladies in our group. Hubby and I then headed to our neighborhood block party at four and proceeded to sweat all of the nutrients from our bodies for the next three hours. Just as temperatures were cooling down we decided we were pooped and ready to head home. We rounded the corner to our house to find that a gaggle of teens were having a blow-out bash carrying over into the street and our neighbors yards. Not a nice thing to try and relax to. Fortunately, parents started picking up their kids at ten p.m. so everything got quite just in time for sleep! (sometimes I really can't stand teenagers and am soooo not looking forward to my son becoming one. yes, I know... I was one back in the day, and an idiotic one at that. guess I'm getting my payback, eh?)

Sunday started off with a nice little cup of java, a church service, then I headed to meet some girlies for lunch, then a committee work meeting to paint banners and such for an upcoming event for kids involved with Child Protective Services (another day of massive sweating). I got home around eight and found Hubby doing yard work. Since I was a total sweat-pit I helped him sweep up the grass clippings then headed in for a shower.

I think I've cleansed my pores of all toxins this weekend thanks to Texas humidity and temps near 100 degrees, so that's a plus! But, there are several things carrying over into today that I still need to knock out. Ironing, coloring my hair, sewing, sewing and more sewing!!!!! And a class at the gym I would like to try... not sure if it will be the spinning class or the fitness yoga yet, but I'll make up my mind by the time they both begin.

Let's see what the evening brings!