Wednesday, June 3, 2009

200th Post

I missed acknowledging a monumental accomplishment.... Yesterday was my 200th post! I really can't believe I've had topics to discuss that have added up to 200.

And when I think about what a journey my little blog has taken since last August? I started my site off just chatting about wanting to workout more and venting about things.

I've moved on to posting about making things and meeting other crafty people. And the blogs I've found! I'm consistently amazed by the sites I find, the topics that are floating around out there, and the talented people who share with all of us.

Thanks for being part of Securityville, my friends. I appreciate you being part of my forum, and I hope I can keep you all interested for another 200 posts!

And, just for the record, another giveaway is coming soon thanks to a few people who would like a crocheted dish towel!