Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's the Little Things, Like Clean Potty Rooms

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending a truly great seminar for Human Resource professionals that our bank put together. It was held at a place called Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth (you may know of The Colonial from major golfing events) which has been around for decades.

I've attended seminars here before, but I haven't had the need to utilize their facilities before. I think anytime I go there now I will make sure to use the facilities!

The ladies room in the main hall area was a bit small (most likely since it was built decades ago), but my goodness  they spared no expense when it came to what I might need in the stall! Or at the sink! If there weren't other ladies in there waiting to use the facilities, too, then I would've snapped some pics to share with you, but alas I do not have evidence of what brought me such joy.

There were sanitary napkins, tampons, wipes of different kinds, toilet seat covers, plenty of tissue, and it was all displayed so daintily and beautifully!

You see, I have a thing when it comes to using public restrooms. I hate having to go in public. I use the potty liners while also crouching in the Hovercraft position and I still feel gross when I use public potties. It's rare that I can mentally say ahhhhh when I relieve myself in public. And, at the Coloniial I said ahhhh. I think I even smiled!

Anyway, I just want to say thank you to all of the people behind the scenes who work to keep public restrooms nice, clean and well stocked. Believe me, there are some of us who notice and appreciate it more than words can say!