Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Little Diva Blankie

On Sunday one of my good friends Bridge had her first baby shower. She's expecting a little girl. If this little girl is anything like her momma then she is going to be one snazzy little diva, so I decided to veer from the standard baby registry for my gift.
Bridge loves black and white fabrics, especially the damask pattern that has inspired so many other women in the last few years. Baby B received a custom little black and white diva blankie to snuggle up with if she so chooses. I really enjoyed making it.

I used Lion Brand Pound of Love yarn in white (which came with the stitch pattern I followed), and had some silk/bamboo yarn in black that I used for the flowers. I wish the white yarn was as soft as the black, but that's just how it goes with acrylic yarn sometimes. I'm really not a huge fan of acrylic. Some of it is super soft and snuggly, but not all of it.

I love the little puffy clusters the stitch pattern made! So pretty and fun!