Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So, I Had a Moment. Or Two

This morning started off strangely. The podcast I was listening to while I got ready was new and rambly. I'm not a fan of the podcast ramblers. I like for podcasts to be tidy and concise. I may have mentioned that to you before. But this narrator was sweet and in good spirits so I tried to muddle through. I kept thinking about how grateful I should be that I didn't have some of the issues going on that she was describing, but I ended up pausing the noise because it was just stressing me out.

As I got ready I thought I had a good idea for my hair, which is desperately in need of a trim. And it's too dark right now, thanks to my last root-coloring session. In summary that means that I haven't really cared for how my hair has been turning out as of late, so why I began to bother with a style that was temperamental was just setting myself up for a disaster.

Then I checked my phone for the time. I'm supposed to be finished with hair and makeup, and in my closet getting dressed by 5:45 a.m. so that I can then fix breakfast, grab my lunch bag, then leave for my commute to work. Well, I noticed I was late, and my hair was not cooperating.

I made it to the closet to get dressed by 5:51 a.m. and then began struggling with the right combination of clothing. Things weren't working. Tears began to flow. I sat down on the little ottoman in my closet and tried to blubber quietly while Hubby snoozed. I debated calling in to work. The mountain of laundry in my ironing basket seemed to snarl at me saying if I had kept up with my ironing and dry cleaning getting dressed wouldn't be this stressful.

Furthermore, I found myself thinking that I wasn't going to have time to eat breakfast. I convinced myself long ago that I don't think well on an empty stomach so staying home from work today would be the best option for fellow coworkers as well as myself.

Then I stood up, headed back to the bathroom to finish my hair in the outfit that wasn't very pleasing, and just deal with it all. I wiped my runny mascara, reapplied it where I had just caused it to run, and trudged into the kitchen to pack my lunch.

I skipped breakfast. Then realized in the car that I walked off and left my reheated coffee on the counter. I grabbed my music and dialed into The Cure and began to reminisce of happy high school days where the songs were carrying me back to. Soon enough I was at work, muddling through my tasks at hand, looking forward to lunch. I made sure to crochet a row before ending my break.

What sucks most about this start to my day is that tonight is going to be a really awesome night. Hubby got tickets for us to see David Sedaris live in Dallas, who is my favorite author. I haven't ever seen him read on stage before, I've only heard some of his audio recordings and seen him on David Letterman, so I'm really and truly super excited about getting to see him in person tonight.

If you'll pardon me, I need to attempt to finish pulling my head out (so to speak) so that I can mentally tune in to the festivities that are to come. I know it will be a great end to a day that started out with an emotional blunder. I predict I will be smiling incessantly very soon.