Sunday, February 14, 2010

Skelly Valentine Card!

You may already know this, but I love skellies. By that I mean I love skeleton figurines and skulls and all things some people find on the side of morbidity. If you ever travel through Santa Fe, NM then you've seen some of the jewelry that I probably find adorable. Well, the fellas in my household know this about me, and made me the cutest Skelly Valentine card ever. I love it!

And, in keeping with the tradition we started last year we made our Valentine's for each other again this year. I sort of fell off the wagon when I bought some stuff to make some chocolate covered strawberries, but hey, the final dish was concocted at home, so that counts as homemade, right???

I highly recommend making choco-berries at home. They were so quick and easy! And if you've ever tried to pick some already-made-ones up at a store then you know how expensive they can be.

All you need is semi-sweet baker's chocolate, baker's white chocolate, strawberries, something to melt the chocolate in (stove top or microwave), and a fridge to store them in until you're ready to devour the little tasties!


What did your Valentine's treats include this year?