Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to Reality

I'm sooooo, sooooo sleepy. Four hours of shut-eye was not enough for me last night. But, the trip to Santa Fe to spend time with my mom and sis was worth the dragging I'm feeling today. I'm looking forward to crawling under the covers tonight and snoozing hard. But, before I can snooze tonight I am looking forward to picking up The Little Guy today when I leave work. I'm planning for us to have some hot chocolate while I hear all about his day. And then we have to talk about grades. Language Arts and Math are not looking so good at the moment. But hot chocolate should make things go smoother. Wouldn't you agree?

Stay tuned for pics of new boots, that shruggy cardigan I made last month, and more pics from Santa Fe. My camera is stocked with some great images to share!