Wednesday, February 2, 2011

About Time

Today has been so nice. The second ice day in a row that kept me home from my day job.

While I'm truly sick of the temperature being in the teens outside, I'm grateful for what it's allowed me.

Yesterday, the first ice day, my son called me from his dad's house to see if I had made it in to work safely. I so appreciated his sweetness. When I called him later on in the afternoon to thank him again for his sweet call I found that he was busy enjoying his ice day at a friend's house around the corner, so so I let him be.
A baby beanie I whipped up during the ice storm!

Both yesterday and today I've had the time and the energy to crochet, cook a pot of beans, help Hubby with his business accounting, and I've even gotten to watch more television than I really care to admit.

Tomorrow will still be icy, however I'll have to venture out to the office so I can catch up on what's been missed the past two days. I don't think it will be as bad as today since more people have been driving over the ice and preparing the way for me. I'm just hoping it doesn't snow at all tonight. I really don't want there to be precipitation that makes my commute more scary tomorrow morning.

I'm looking forward to crocheting a bit more tonight. I'm currently working on a spring Infinity Scarf for my mom. Pics to come....