Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Introduction to Shorty's Sutures

Welcome to the Shorty's Sutures Blog where you'll find my notes about projects, podcasts and all things related to hand stitchery!

I would love to know how you found my site. Did you click on the link from the Securityville Blog, or did you find the blog from Ravelry, Etsy or the Shorty's Sutures Podcast? No matter how you found me, I'm glad you're here and I hope you'll offer your feedback when you have a moment.

One of the things I've heard consistently over the years is how we should find what we are passionate about in life and pursue that passion. Over the past two years I've focused on getting back into having hobbies and digging in to what stirs my creativity. It began with sewing and blogging, and transitioned to one of the very first hobbies I ever had, crocheting.

I found a local crochet guild through a church and began making baby caps for premature infants at local hospitals. I later began trying to make accessories like scarves and cowls, and opened up my little Etsy shop. I'm still making some of those things, but as I've broadened my horizons through knowledge shared by so many people I've begun to make garments like shrugs and cardigans.

A lot of what has spurred me to try new techniques and patterns in crochet has been the suggestions and ideas shared in various podcasts that I've listened to over the past two years. I've become a total podcast nerd, listening to one almost every time I'm driving by myself or when I'm home alone. I literally can't get enough of podcasts! So, it occurred to me several months ago that I might want to try and make a podcast myself and hopefully share the insight that's led my creativity to an entirely new level.

That's what led me to the Shorty's Sutures Podcast. I recorded my first episode at the end of May 2011 and would love your feedback. The first episode is mainly an introduction, but the episodes that follow will share knowledge and experience that I'm gaining as I dive deeper into all that crochet has to offer.

Since I'm such a fan of all things handmade I'm sure I will veer from crochet from time to time to hand embroidery, knitting, quilting and general sewing, but I will concentrate most of my podcast efforts on crochet. There is such a wealth of knowledge to be shared through the various stitching techniques and fiber mediums to the many patterns and designers that are producing modern and classic designs for us to play with.

I hope you enjoy the Shorty's Sutures Bog and Podcast. Notes and links that correspond with Episode One are available in the next post.

Happy stitching, my friends!