Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stitchery Update: A Passion for Crochet

Last week was a whirlwind of stitches for me! I started off mixing a bit of knitting in with a lot of crocheting, but as the week wrapped up I found myself only in love with crochet.

Remember the Orange Sharf? It's been frogged. It really didn't happen on purpose at first. I pulled the project out of its bag and noticed that about 15 stitches had come off one needle. Well, I don't know how to fix that yet, so I felt I was given an invitation to begin again. I reaffirmed that thought when I glanced back over all of my stitching mistakes by telling myself, "ahhh, yes.... just start over."

And so I will begin again.

Remember the Plum Crazy Cowl? It's demise is in the plotting phase. I've made enough progress in the project to better analyze what it's going to look like upon completion, and I'm not liking what I see. It's too big around for my neck, my cast on is quite atrocious, and I'm just sick of all the mistakes.

And so it will be frogged, then I will begin again.

These revelations in knitting have lead me to remember what brought me to my love of yarn: my love of crochet. I still have a deep desire to crochet every day, no matter what other stitches I may throw into the mix. It's so comforting to me but also productive.

I managed to crochet two cowls last week and begin a third, with even more crochet prospects on the horizon! And, I'm proud of my stitches when it comes to crochet.

I'm confident my knitting skills will improve one day, but crochet will always be my true love. Crochet brings me peace, fond sentimental feelings and a yearning for more. It makes me smile and leads me to confidently invest in luxurious yarns.

I must thank my Grandmother Berger for helping me to develop this amazing skill . Rest in peace, dear Grandmother, and thank you again for bringing such a wonderful art form into my life.