Friday, December 16, 2011

What Are You Waiting For?

I'm waiting for several things right now.... the work day to wrap up so I can start my weekend; the weekend to start so I can pick up my handsome son then head out with Hubby to meet some good friends for dinner, then maybe watch A Christmas Story when we get home.

I'm waiting for a few more presents to arrive so I can wrap 'em up and stash 'em under the Christmas tree. I'm waiting to finish up the last little bit of Christmas shopping.

I'm waiting for Christmas.

Then I'll be waiting for my faux Christmas celebration with my maternal side of the family in Santa Fe, New Mexico where we'll exchange our gifts and go sledding in the wonderful snow! And then we'll bring in the New Year together!

The last two weeks of this month are going to be grand, I tells ya. And, I'm just waiting for it all to get here.