Wednesday, November 18, 2009

8 Days until Thanksgiving?!?!?!

Can you believe that one week from tomorrow we'll be in the kitchen preparing for our big family meals? (Holy cow I must get ready for this!) Hubby and I already bought our turkey breast that we'll cook, but we haven't rounded up the ingredients yet for all of our side dishes and our desserts. Perhaps tonight I need to begin that grocery list...

You see, our Thanksgiving is a bit on the irregular side in my humble opinion. My mom won't be anywhere near us; my sister will be traveling somewhere with her fiance; my son goes with his dad because he has a huge family on that side with lots of cousins and four-wheelers and dirt bikes (which screams tons of fun 11-year old boy excitement); and Hubby and me prepare our own dinner to partake of AFTER we have dinner with his family.

I'm sure it sounds a bit on the strange side, but you see Hubby and I now know better than to bank on having left-overs when we go to his mom's to eat for Thanksgiving. It seems that the theme of "waste not" prevails over there. And what kind of Thanksgiving would it be if you couldn't munch on left-overs through the weekend? So, we'll roast our own turkey breast, we'll make our own gravy and cranberry sauce, we'll make some sweet potato tartlets (that taste just like little mini pumpkin pies) and a green bean casserole, and we haven't determined yet what else we'll concoct.

Of course we'll take something to contribute to his mom's dinner, too. Hubby has a really outstanding family recipe for stuffing, so we make two pans... one to take and one for us when we get home! And perhaps I'll take my famous apple pie....

What are you looking forward to preparing next week? Feel free to link back to your site in the comments section if you have a recipe to share. I'll post the Sweet Potato Tartlets recipe later this week in case you would like to give them a try.