Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Scouting for Pants

In the past, you may have read a detail or two about my tactically inclined husband. In the past few years his wardrobe has shifted from one of a designer nature to that of a tactical one. Farewell Ted Baker designer shirts. He shops at places like Rei over Nordstrom. This has left my mom and sister completely baffled, and me, too sometimes.

But, I must admit my mindset has begun to shift. Really, only out of necessity.

I don't think I would turn down an offer to shop at Anthropologie over a sporting goods store, but I guess things could drastically change one day. Like maybe today.

You see, tonight we are headed to our local Scout store to look for tactical Scout pants. The kind that can unzip to make shorts. The kind that I never thought I would E.V.E.R. own. But, it turns out I'm going to need some very soon for a scouting adventure we have planned. There will lots of hiking, warm daytime temps and cool nighttime temps, with the possibility of cactus needles and/or chiggers brushing past my legs. So I guess I should just suck it up and get some tactical drawers.

I'll let you know how the shopping trip goes. I'm not expecting to feel sexy at all while trying these shorts/pants on. I guess anything is possible.