Monday, September 28, 2009

Note to Self: Check for Doggy Gifts

Oh.... my..... gosh, I have something rather embarrassing to share with you. You might remember when I posted about a shelf unit that Hubby and I decided to sell. We moved it into our formal dining area for possible Craig's List buyers to be able to see it easily, and then it could be easily moved right out the front door if a sale was made.

Let me first say that this shelf was in pristine condition. It had a couple of marks that I touched up with a stain marker from when we moved it from my mom's house to ours, but seriously it was in fine condition other than that.

Until we moved it.

You see, I have a little Chihuahua named Sushi. Sometimes she tinkles in the formal dining area. It's so small that I sometimes don't even find where she pottied. Well, our Doberman Axel has started to mark over her spots in that room. Yuck. I'm sure you can imagine the volume difference when comparing a Doberman's urine to that of a small Chihuahua. Yes, I'm talking instant stench and puddle factor with the potential to consume the formal dining area.

And that's where we moved the shelf unit. Before we realized what our dogs were up to, of course.

This weekend we finally had a buyer! Hurray! The couple had been dying to come over all week but couldn't make it until Sunday morning. We wiped down the unit with lots of furniture polish so that it would be as pristine as possible, ready for its new home.

As Hubby was helping Mr. Buyer Hubby load it up he noticed some spots along the side. Mr. Buyer Hubby noticed, too. My Hubby tried to very quickly clean off the "I know what the heck that is...." stuff before Mr. Buyer Hubby noticed, but to no avail. Mr. Buyer Hubby silently wiped a bit on his finger and then sniffed. Yep. He sniffed. However, he did not comment. Neither did my hubby. They both continued to pack up the unit and move it to their vehicle. Later Hubby whispers to me what happened while Mr. Buyer Hubby is strapping down the furniture. We were mortified. Mrs. Buyer Wifey was so excited about finding this shelf unit, and I can't help but wonder if she smelled hint o' nastiness once she got it home. We said a few prayers that God wouldn't let that happen. I'm confident He loves those kinds of prayers... such a valuable use of His time, I'm sure.

Now the first thing we are doing with our moolah is buying doggy gates to keep those varmits out of that room, and having a professional come and clean the carpet!