Thursday, September 24, 2009

So many things!

What am I talking about you ask? So many things have been going well this week. Granted, it's been a stressy kind of week full of football practice, Team Mom stuff, chores at home, time with Hubby, time with the pups, time with The Little Guy, a very full work week and the usual commuting. However, the weather has changed and Fall has arrived, which has cheered me up to no end! I came home from work one evening, walked in the house to find that there was a new smell in the air. I found myself thinking, 'What is that smell???' Then when I realized Hubby had all the windows open that I was smelling clean, fresh air. Of all things. It was quite lovely once I realized what I was sniffing. (However, I managed to ruin the fresh-air scent a few nights ago when I fried some potatoes and onions with dinner. Now the house smells completely fried!)

Can the weather really be what's made such an impact on how I've been feeling this week? It feels as if life has slowed a little, despite the ongoing rat race that surrounds me. I feel that I've had quality time with Hubby and The Little Guy, that time at work has been productive, that I've enjoyed more of the pee wee football stuff, and I've even made sure to connect with friends on lunch dates. There has also been time for reading a great book (which I plan to review and recommend to you all once I finish), and for crafting.

The days have been shorter this week. So how is it that I feel like they've been longer? I guess I should stop overanalyzing. And just enjoy the rest of my week.

How is your week going?