Monday, September 14, 2009

What a Weekend!

It was certainly a whirlwind... it came and went very fast. But, it actually felt like a true weekend somehow. Hubby was gone to Big D (translation... Dallas) for some tactical training from Wednesday night to Saturday night, so The Little Guy and I had the place to ourselves. We watched movies, played games, talked and hung out with the pups a lot since his football game was rained out. I enjoyed our bonding time so much! I figure since he'll be a teenager in a couple of years these types of days are most likely numbered.

I actually completed a new block for my virtual quilting bee yesterday. So, stay tuned... I'll post a picture of it. And, something else to stay tuned for... I was asked to be a guest blogger! I think I'll be 'on' tomorrow, so more details will be available soon.

Have a wonderful Monday, my friends!