Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Hunt Is On!

It seems its that time of year again, Folks! Time to hunt for a new receptionist. The one I hired last year, who wasn't looking to retire anytime soon decided to go ahead and... you guess it! Retire.

I know answering phones, making coffee and greeting clients isn't the most exciting thing to spend eight hours each day doing. And, I also know that I can be a moody kind of gal that might be a bit hard to work for when I'm stressed. But I do try to keep things balanced and offer goofy jokes and lots of smiles throughout each work day. Perhaps my smiles end up being of the scary witchy variety. (I might need to hang a mirror in my office so I can check.)

I'm utilizing a staffing agency this time around. You know, trying the person out before committing. Perhaps a better personality match will be found. I hope I don't drive another person to an early retirement, that's for sure!