Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just Thursday

Another Thursday is upon us.

What are you up to?

Are you like me and can't get over how fast time is flying by right before my very eyes? Do you consistently remember all the old people from your youth telling 'you that you'll be 60 before you know it and feel like your 19?'

That's where I'm at. I'm amazed that time keeps speeding up a little more day by day.

Time is passing almost at the speed of light! I'm realizing that I had better take a speed reading course so that I can absorb all the info that is on my ever-growing want 'to read/know' list. Do you remember No. 5 from the movie Short Circuit? He would hold a book in his hand and flip the pages super fast and absorb all the knowledge from the book's contents. I would love to have that ability!

Matter of fact I think I need to acquire some super powers. I could swoosh through my house and get all the chores knocked out super fast, sew and crochet until my fingers ached (at normal speed), and then sit and flip through pages and pages of great books while my hands recuperated. (I guess I will need to acquire a Kindle or something so that I won't actually be flipping pages.) Then I could also work on being Donna Reed. Or at least the character she played on tv.

Ok, so after giving all of this 'speeding through life' stuff more thought I'm realizing that it would only help my wrinkles to deepen, and my hair to gray, even faster. I'm thinking I should try and slow things down instead of cram more in to my life.

Got any suggestions?