Friday, June 11, 2010

Big Career News (Thanks, Karen!)

Well, folks... I've been thinking a lot lately.  Thinking about my career, how I feel about it, where I want to go and how I want to get there.  (And I need to thank Karen for the motivation to do a bit of self-analysis; check out Karen and her Face It Friday goals.)  

I've been reminded year after year that I never did finish my original goal when I went back to college at the age of 28.  Don't get me wrong, I finished my Bachelor's Degree (in Political Science) but I had originally gone back to school so that I could teach.  I had been teaching preschool and my ultimate goal was to teach Honor's English.  I got off track during the journey through working, being a mom, being a wife and being a college student and did what I could to hurry up and graduate.  I forgot about wanting to teach and just focused on finishing school so I could get a decent paying job and start a career.

I graduated in December of 2005, and every year since then (at least one time each year, some years over and over) I would hear that little voice in my head reminding me that I have something to give back.  That I want to lead young minds.  That I want to educate people.  A couple of years ago I started down that journey, I took a state exam to get started and failed by 14 points.  I focused on the failure and gave up.  I told myself that I worked too many hours, that my commute got in the way, that I didn't want to go to night school, that I didn't study enough, etc., etc., etc. 

But now I'm back to this desire to teach, to knock out this state exam and get moving towards Certification.  I know I can do it.  I know I want it.  I've just got to stop thinking about obstacles and make it happen.

So there you go, friends. I'm blogging about this for accountability purposes. I'm going to organize what it's going to take to reach my goal and keep my list handy for reference.  My goal is to teach high school kids and my focus is now on History.  I think I can have more fun with History versus English at this point in my life. 

Wish me luck!  And stay tuned for milestones.  I'm determined to make them happen!