Thursday, June 17, 2010

How to Feel Lucky

I'm usually not a very lucky person.  But, in the last two years I've found myself to be luckier than ever before.

I'm not talking about how lucky I am to have a wonderful family or all the great friends I'm blessed with.  I'm talking about true luck.  The kind where stuff just falls in your lap.  For free.  No magazine subscription necessary.

Last year I won a quilt.  An entire quilt!  I was so excited.  That was the first time I had ever won anything that I could remember.

Recently I won a Mod Podge starter set when I entered a contest over at Blog Guidebook from ModPodge Rocks, and yesterday I received notice that I won a $50 gift certificate to CSN Stores from ComeandseetheSeitz!  I'm not sure what I've done to become so lucky all of a sudden, but I'm wondering if I really should go buy a lottery ticket!  Texas PowerBall is up to $70-something million I've heard!

A big thanks to the ladies at Blog Guidebook, Amy at ModgePodge Rocks and Sarah at ComeandseetheSeitz for inducing an elevated sense of magical-ness in my life these past couple of weeks!  Check our their Websites... I promise they all have a wealth of information that will help you with your blog, boost your creative juices and give you some serious reading enjoyment.