Tuesday, November 16, 2010

5 Ways to Regain Focus

This week I am feeling so out of touch. There are too many things whirling around in my brain; the things I need to do, the things that I'm letting stress me out, the things that are ambiguous and unanswerable right now.

I'm not a patient person. Well, I guess I can be patient, but I have a habit of not being so.

So, today I'm coming up with five things to help me regain focus on what's important for right now to help me stop worrying so much about what is beyond me.
  1. Remember who is important: me and my family top that list, but I need to remember that not everything that has to do with me and my family is in my control. My son is trying to get over some sort of respiratory infection so I'm helping him the best I can, and all I can do beyond that is watch for worsening symptoms, so I need to not worry about the what-if's at this point because he's really doing well. My husband is always overwhelmed with his work, but this is his job not mine, and I can only offer so much help; he has to figure out how to stop overwhelming himself, I can't do it for him.
  2.  Let go and let God: there are a ton of things out of my control. And honestly, why would I want to control so much? I'm not sure why I naturally have such a controlling tendency, but all it does is drive me and those around me crazy. I've got to practice letting go and letting God handle what is His. And that is really a lot of stuff. I'm confident that will bring me a ton of peace.
  3. Find the Me Time: keep making time for myself, whether it's stealing some time to crochet at lunch, or reading my favorite blogs before I hit the sack each night. I know I need to do a little more each day for myself, like exercising, but I've always hit a road block when it comes to making regular time for that one. I always need to work harder on that one.
  4. Share moments: make time to ask about what's going on in other people's lives, not just at home but at work, too. Talking to people around me keeps me grounded, especially if they are going through trials that surpass the stress level mine are at. It is so moving sometimes to just listen and not feel compelled to contribute to the conversation with my stuff.
  5. Reflect on the beauty of each day: when I put my head down at night it is so easy for me to just crash out. I need to remember what the wonderful things were that evolved during that day. I need to cherish all that transformed and all that I learned. Each day is a wonderful opportunity to learn from so many people.
Life is so much, but I have to remember that life is also just life. It is fleeting. I see that every day that I look at my son and realize how old he is. I see that each time my husband and I share a birthday or an anniversary, and I realize how much time has passed since we began our relationship. I see that each time I visit my mom since she lives so far away now, and I find myself noticing what's different about her and hoping that life will slow down just enough so that she doesn't keep getting older while we're a part. Life is so much, but it can take up so little time when we look back. It becomes just a memory.

Focus on what's important. Treasure what's mine. Pass it on to those I love.