Thursday, November 18, 2010

Academia: The Newest Disease

Houston, we have a problem. At least my twelve-year-old son does. He doesn't want to work at having good grades. He seems to think that studying is punishment. A's and B's don't come very naturally to him except in subjects that he's really interested in like History. Or football. Or hunting. Too bad he isn't growing up back in the days of Grizzly Adams.

So, I'm labeling Academia as the latest disease in my household.

We just overcame Bronchitis, and a small other upper respiratory infection that followed, so I'm sure we will survive Academia as well. However, at this point in my week I have had to ground my son because of horrible grades and poor reports from his Language Arts and Math teachers.

Of course he thinks I'm totally unreasonable and should still be allowed to have a buddy stay over tomorrow night. Of course I disagree and have canceled the plans.

His prescription includes some serious study time this weekend, and a healthy dose of knowing that I talk to his teachers. I email then. And I let them know they can contact me at any time. He also knows that after that I will deal with him. Like it or not.

You might be asking what is the upside for me while we're battling Academia in my house. I will get to crochet while I listen to him study. I'm really excited about that part!