Saturday, July 16, 2011

Squares and Sand

[caption id="attachment_45" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="In the Surf"][/caption]

Is it really already Saturday again? Last Saturday I was waking up on the beach on Padre Island. This week has blown right by me. Life has been full of fun, sun and crochet business that's for sure.

Last weekend my husband and I went on a Scout camp out with our son and his troop to Padre Island in Texas. We camped on the beach, swam in the surf and I soaked up as much of the environment as I could. The drive was long, over eight hours each way, but it was well worth it. One of the things I got the most enjoyment out of was watching the pelicans as they would fly along the beach. We didn't end up getting any video of it since our camera was never in our hands when they flew over us, but this video from YouTube will give you a great visual for what we saw. If you can also imagine adding to the video the hilarious fly-by commentary that the dads in our group added as the birds flew over, it sounded like military pilots were talking to each other about a mission.  Pelicans in Formation by TimandCherylDay

[caption id="attachment_46" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Birdie looking for grub"][/caption]

While I was in the car for the long drive I tried to focus on my crochet squares for charity projects. I must confess that I didn't make a ton of progress. The drive to the beach I was excitedly looking out the car windows as we cruised the Texas back roads, and on the drive home I was feeling sticky and sandy without much motivation to handle my yarn. Plus I began to realize just how tired I had grown of making the same type of crocheted square. I finished one 4 x 4 inch square I had been working on, then completed a second one, then I called it quits. I was determined to figure out a new square to make as soon as I could get back to my computer and look for inspiration.

[caption id="attachment_47" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Turtle hatchlings headed for the surf"][/caption]

I'm happy to report that I found inspiration (again) on Ravelry! I was searching for a 4 x 4 inch Granny Square pattern so I wouldn't have to worry with calculating stitches, and I found one as part of a felted slippers pattern. It was just was I was looking for. I'm back in action making more crocheted squares and can't wait to wrap up this project in the next week or so. Pictures of all my blocks will be available later in the week when I post show notes for Episode 4 of the Shorty's Sutures Podcast.

I hope you're having a great week, and remember to keep those hands stitchin'!