Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Trivet WIP

I mentioned in Episode 5 that I was starting on a vintage-looking trivet pattern from Crochet Adorned. Part of my excitement about this project, in addition to really being drawn to the pattern, was the aqua colored yarn that I am getting to play with while I complete the project. It's a cotton/acrylic blend that I really thought would be a great match for the pattern.

I started working on it Sunday afternoon with a size G hook, but switched to an F, then to an H. All of this switching is due to the yarn and the look I'm getting when I work with it.

Now the trivet is too large and a bit unshapely. I'm confident the distorted shape is due to an added stitch or two that I've inadvertently placed along the sixth and or seventh row.

So, I must begin again, but before I take that step I need to consider more than just my stitches. I need to analyze my yarn selection.

I'm bummed because I'm not only questioning my handiwork but the yarn I've selected. I was hoping since it was 50% cotton I wouldn't have the splitting I've had with other acrylic yarns. But, splitting is there sometimes if I have to rip back or if my hook gets a little wonky.

I've linked to the project on Ravelry, and noticed that when I was completing the details in my projects page the yarn automatically pulled up as an Aran weight. This detail wasn't on my yarn label, so I had looked at the needle size reference on the label instead to pick my crochet hook from. I should've consulted the chart.

I had it in my mind that the weight of yarn I'd chosen from my stash would work well for the sizes of hooks I mentioned in the beginning of this post. Now I see I've been working with the wrong tool! I should have an I, J or K hook instead. But, that will make my trivet way too large.

It looks like I may need to return to my yarn stash and pick a finer weight of yarn. The pattern calls for Worsted/Aran yarn and a G hook, however I'm not getting a good result with what I've picked. Could it be the cotton/acrylic combination? Maybe it's just the way I crochet? Or perhaps it's just this yarn?

Either way, more experimentation is required. Stay tuned for how my project comes together... as I keep these hands stitchin'!