Sunday, November 10, 2013

Episode 33: Getting Grounded and Made Over

Join me as I catch up on projects and the craft cabinet makeover using supplies from Container Store and discover how so many kitchen storage items will work for making your craft cabinet look gorgeous!

Shorty'sSutures Group News
  • Amy aka GreenWoman has been holding her own and keeping her chin up through chemotherapy
  • Skill development is in action: Linda and Mary Sarah are learning tatting, Sandra has been learning new crochet stitches and incorporating them into hats and scarves, Bettina is crocheting a garment, Sabrina is learning to knit socks and Pat has been encouraging a bit of crochet sock making
  • We have a digital book giveaway! The ever so gracious Heather Ordover of CraftLit and MamaOKnits is providing a digital copy of her newest book Grounded.
Craft Cabinet Makeover
Here you can see the abyss that my craft cabinet had become... the left side dedicated to fabric and sewing supplies and the right side crammed with crochet and knitting stuff.

While I was at the Container Store, I found these Small Double Cabinet Shelves that really helped me divide up my yarn. As you can see from the big open space in the middle of the cabinet unit, one large area became divided into three shelves. This really allowed me to sort out my yarn a lot better than what I previously had.

I also found these pasta containers (at the back of the picture) that helped me store my leftover yarn scraps which are all wound into little balls.
Here is the finished look of the crochet and knitting side of the cabinet. Much better, right? I'm pretty pleased with how it looks now compared to the state of chaos that it was in. I'm hoping to find even better ways to keep things organized as I move forward.

Out 'o the Bag

In My Crochet Bag
  • Operation Gratitude Scarf #3 - Rocking Stitch
In My Knitting Bag
  • The Guernsey Wrap with Classic Elite Magnolia
  • Mom's Cowl in Bijou Basin Ranch Yak and Silk (I inadvertently left out the wrap up of the Fiber Festival where this yarn was purchased, those details will be included in the next episode)
In My Ears
  • Grounded by Heather Ordover 
  • The Moth Story Tellers Series
  • A fond farewell to Jane and Jen Knit Funny
  • A fond farewell to Zontee & Michelle of Yarncraft (Lion Brand)
  • Confessions about previously recommended podcasts 
Queue-T Patootie
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Until next time, keep those hands stitchin'