Monday, November 25, 2013

Episode 34: A Winning Combination

It's always fun to start things off with a bang, so Episode 34 jumps right in with finding out who won the digital copy of Heather Ordover's new book Grounded.

Out 'o the Bag
In My Crochet Bag
  •  Operation Gratitude Scarf 5, Willow Wash - Granite (using the Rocking Stitch)
In My Stash

Fit 'n Stitchy
  • Walking - Off the Wagon (Full Disclosure)
In My Ears
  •  DC Unraveled - Episode "Tourists"
  • Yarniacs - Episode 49
  • Nerdist - Episode "Oliver Stone"
  • Knitting Pipeline & 2KnitLitChicks
  • Taos Wool Festival - being a fiber loving loner isn't much fun
  • Fancy Fibers Retreat coming up in February (13th-16th)
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Until next time, keep those hands stitchin'!