Monday, February 16, 2009

I think I saw my future this morning.

And, I'm not too thrilled! My ten year old son went psycho teenager on me today.

I haven't mentioned it in awhile, but some of you may remember that my son lives with me & Hubby for seven days then with his biological dad seven days, as we have joint custody. This has been our arrangement for six years. I always look forward to the Monday when its time for the Little Guy to come home to me, and always get a bit sad when the next Monday comes and he's got to go back to his dad's.

This morning was a "return to dad's" Monday, and the Little Guy is out of school. His dad is off work so they had big plans for how they would spend their day together. I'm happy about that. However, on the ride to his dad's house this morning is when I caught a glimpse of my son as a teenager. He was gripey because he stayed up late last night watching a Harrison Ford movie, and I had to wake him up early to drop him off since I had to work today. He didn't want to have breakfast with me, so I let him snooze until it was time to go. When we were getting in the car I was saying my usual "I'm going to miss you" statements and he usually responds with saying it back to me. But, today he was upset about his boxers not fitting in his athletic/sweat pants very well...he was uncomfortable. I was trying to remind him where his other undies were in his suitcase and he could change when he got to his dad's, but he interrupted me with, "OK,OK,OK,OK!"

I was speaking all nicey nice. Where did that come from? I felt my teeth grit, I mumbled the word boy...... It was a silent ride the rest of the way down the street to his dad's.

Did the Little Guy apologize? No. Did I try again? No.

When I walked him in I had to ask for a hug. I got a stand-in-front-of-me-pouting kind of action where his arms were not involved. I then reiterated my statement of, "Can I get a HUG before I leave?" I said good-bye and I love you. I think he mumbled it back. I went on my way feeling yucky. I kept thinking that I would get a phone call with an apology. I did get a phone call, but the little voice was only calling to tell me that he left his phone in his bedroom. I did hear a bit of sweetness return to his voice, but not completely.

Hopefully he went back to sleep and slept off his moodiness. Geeze.

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