Thursday, February 19, 2009

This American Life

You may already be a fan of a public radio broadcast called This American Life with Ira Glass, but if you're not.... well, let me just be the first to tell you that you are missing out on a great thing!

This show airs on Saturdays at noon in my broadcasting area, but you'll want to check with your public radio broadcasting station to see when its on in your area. It's a weekly show, usually divided up into "Acts" where various stories are shared about real people around our country. Sometimes the stories are hilarious, sometimes they are spooky, and sometimes they are just down right sad. But they are all real.

I download the podcasts of This American Life and listen to them while I commute. When I think about it on Saturdays, and am around a radio, I tune in for the actual broadcast. I absolutely LOVE this show. It is very eye-opening and enlightening. And, being the big RETRO fan that I am, it takes me back to what the old days must've been like when people gathered around the radio for a favorite show. It reminds me to visualize, to imagine, and to take myself out of my own reality and become part of someone else's for a little while.

Granted, tuning out of my own reality while I'm commuting each day to work is probably not the safest of driving habits. But, hey... I can't win 'em all, right? It does keep me relaxed and out of road rage mode, that's for sure. So maybe that's a good enough trade off.

Check it out. And, if you like them... donate $5 to help keep the podcasts free. As with a lot of businesses in our economy right now they are also being effected by a lack of funds and having to lay off some of their staff. This American Life is a great asset to free entertainment. In case you didn't get my message before... I HIGHLY RECOMMEND BECOMING A LISTENER!

Have a great day, my friends!