Sunday, February 1, 2009

What a weekend...

Talk about a busy last couple of days. I feel like I've been going from one thing to the next! I guess I literally have...

Friday I worked late, headed home then we made dinner and just did some stuff around the house. Saturday Hubby and I got up early and headed to workout. The CrossFit team workout didn't happen...the CrossFit gym was having an event just for fire fighters so Hubby and I did our own CrossFit workout at our regular gym. I hung in there wasn't a super intense workout but it definitely wore us both out. It was a 20 minute workout, alternating between the maximum amount of pull ups you could do then running a quarter of a mile, back and forth for the full 20 minutes. I can only do about three pullups unassisted so I was utilizing the machine that gives you a boost with a little bit of weight. I'm pretty sore today in my biceps and shoulders, but its definitely a good sore! The running felt good, too, which worked out to about a mile when all was said and done. Next Saturday I should get in another CrossFit workout with the team thing that I'm not looking too forward to.... but I'll go with the flow and let you know what happens.

After that, we came home, made breakfast with the little guy, Hubby went shooting with some buddies and me and the little guy got the oil changed, then hit the mall. He's had some Christmas money burning a hole in his pocket so he got some new DC shoes and a Hurley hat. I must say he's pretty stylin'! Baseball practice was after that, a couple more errands, then home for dinner, after that an old Sherlock Holmes movie from Netflix, and I did a bit of quilting while watching tv.

Today began with CBS Sunday morning (one of my fave shows!), then church, then Hubby took me and the little guy shooting. Once we got back the little guy had to make a project for school and I've been working on laundry off and on. We just had dinner and we are all pooped. The Super Bowl is on and the couch is seriously calling my name...along with the quilt I should be working on and the chores I should be taking care of. I think I may have to doze for a bit then see if I can handle the chores and the quilt.

How has your weekend been? I hope you've gotten a bit more time to relax than what I've made time for!