Friday, January 30, 2009


Well, another Friday is upon me. My, how time flies! Did you ever have "old people" telling you when you were a teen, "I still feel like I'm 19 years old!" and they were well into their 60's? I soooo know what they were talking about! Granted I'm only 34, but I can't get over how fast my life is whizzing by me!

The weeks begin with getting up for work on Monday, putting in a 9 hour day, coming home to family and all the duties that entails, getting ready for bed, waking up on Tuesday to repeat the same process until Friday. The weekend comes so I can try to catch up on projects that I couldn't or didn't make time for during the week. Add in that during this time I'm watching my husband, my son, our dogs and myself grow a bit older each week. Conversations with my son are growing more complex and entertaining, while sometimes becoming troubling as we tackle issues I'm having to force myself to become ready for. Watching him grow into a socially adept young man is astonishing. Watching my husband become a more and more gracious step-father is gratifying. Our little family unit seems to become a more efficient machine by the day.

But, is that what we're supposed to be? The more efficient machine thing....? I've been wishing more and more lately that I could work less, be at home with my family more, and delve into what makes our family unit tick on a deeper level. The reality of our lives is that Hubby and I have to earn incomes and make family time as valuable as possible within the parameters of living that we currently have. I envy the people that have gobs of money and can spend their days in leisure if that's what they choose. But only for the opportunities to revel in what I'm longing for... who knows if I could even be a productive citizen in that type of lifestyle. God knows I wouldn't want to be another Paris Hilton! (But, give me her mulah and I'll give it a shot!)

Don't get me wrong...I truly love my life. I'm hoping that I can get better and better each day at balancing my career and my family. I love contributing to the business where I work and I love my contributions at home, too. Life is such a balancing act all the time. I guess sometimes we all teeter on one direction or the other, but I hope that a healthy balance is what is always striven for. Isn't that what we all deserve?