Monday, January 5, 2009

Bloggy Admiration

If you're like me then you stop by the Blogs of Note tab on your Dashboard from time to time. I like to see what's new out there. I feel that mostly what is featured is really good, but I learned awhile back that I'll drive myself crazy if I click "Follow This Blog" for all of the ones I like. So, I've tried to become more discerning.

I realized today when checking out The Gold Puppy that I love it when bloggers include a regular character's picture in their site. Whether it's the blogger's children, pets, a regularly featured doll or themselves, I just really like getting to look at the same people or things in different ways on a somewhat regular basis. This site features the writer Reya's beloved dog Jake and she even named her site after him, which really appealed to me.

I began to try to analyze this about myself....why do I like seeing the same people or pets so much? Is it the familiarity? Is it my fondness for reality television? Is it just a visual fetish of some sort like voyeurism? Maybe it's just that I can relate to it somehow on some level. Being the ADD person that I am I didn't analyze for long. I felt the need to move on to my post for the day. (Plus my nose is running, which if you are also ADD then you know that any distraction can really set you back at times.)

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to my fellow bloggers for the daily entertainment and enlightenment that you provide me with, regardless of if you post regular characters on your site or not. Your posts (along with my own, of course) bring me a ton of joy, and I'm so glad that I found this blogger world!