Monday, January 19, 2009

Beautiful MLK day!

Happy MLK Day to you! And, what a beautiful day it is going to be in Texas. Sunny skies and temperatures in the 60's... can't ask for a better day than that!

Today I took a vacation day at work to be with the little guy. As he's dozing in his room I'm parked in front of my computer reading my favorite blogs and wallowing in silence. The dogs are sleeping, my belly is rumbling, and Hubby had to leave for work. I'm trying to just be fulfilled with hot tea until my boy wakes up and we can make some breakfast. (I like to include him on the action since he makes the best scrambled, who likes to cook alone???)

The day is open for so much opportunity! Little odds and ends to pick an egg timer so my boy can see how long it takes him to complete his chores and hopefully speed up his efforts, a new laundry basket for his room, drop off some dry cleaning, make some crafts that both my son and I can enjoy, bake some cookies.... I hope he wakes up soon so we can get started!

All of this is possible, however, since the little guy is out of school for the MLK holiday. I feel a bit selfish as I schedule my day off around what we want to do, almost forgetting what we are supposed to honor. I will honor Martin Luther King, however. I will talk to my son about him and we can chat about what this man stood for. How he just wanted a better America with equality for all people, and had the strength and determination to stand up for those being discriminated against. I hate it that Mr. King was assassinated. I hate it that good people sometimes have their lives taken away when they have so much to give to our world. I hate it that there are ungrateful and unkind people who can't stand to allow positive change to take place. It's sad to think that even as we pray for good, pray for peace and an end to violence, it will persist on this planet.

And so I will do my part today to remember Dr. Martin Luther King, to remember to strive for peace but protect my rights and freedoms, and to cherish with a thankful heart the memories of those individuals and groups who have fought for our freedoms.