Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Recap

What a great weekend it was! I'm a bit on the sad side that it's already over and I have to head back to work, but as my new favorite saying puts it, "Way she goes!" Not much we can do about needing to go back to work!

Friday evening I got to pick up the little guy (since it was his dad's week to have him) and spend a few hours just hanging out. He helped me take our Dobie to the vet for his check up and shots, then we headed to Starbucks for a delish-us treat. (One of our favorite past times!) When it was time for him to get back to his papasito's hacienda Hubby and I had some seriously good conversation. I love it when that happens!!! Sometimes we can sit for hours just b.s.-ing about things we forgot to discuss during the week or stuff we like on the Web. We watched some Trailer Park Boys, which is an absolutely hilarious Canadian comedy if you like things a bit on the raw side, and we laughed for awhile. (If you feel the need to laugh at trashy white people then this show is for you! Words of warning...definitely not for kids.)

Saturday was full of errands, working out and prepping for Hubby's post-graduation celebration. We invited some friends to a local Cuban Cigar bar to hang out with us for awhile. The turnout was awesome and we got to catch up with some friends we haven't been around in several weeks. Hubby and I finally wound up the night around one a.m. and headed home. The ride home...full of more great conversation!

Sunday we did a bit of sleeping in, then Church, then lunch, then off to the dog park with our Dobie. Axel had an absolute blast, once again. This time there was another Dobie there...a red male named Bentley. They were too cute! Axel got slimed by a Great Dane that was running alongside him which was hilariously gross, but he didn't mind. We all came home and felt the need for a nap. Hubby and I finally got productive after dinner and accomplished a few of our weekend chore items. Not near what we had hoped to accomplish, but as luck will have it, the next weekend will be here in a flash and we can try again!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend, too! I would love to know all the juicy details!