Friday, January 2, 2009

Closet Project

Time to get busy! I went through all my clothes a few days ago and separated out the ones that I want to list on ebay from the ones I was donating to the local mission. Today I dropped off three bags of clothes/shoes Hubby and I didn't want anymore, and I'm hoping to list my ebay items before the weekend is over. Now its time to finish organizing my chaotic closet!

You can tell by the pics that there is potential for complete organization. I've got the clear bins for my shoes, the bins for sweaters, my hangers are all the same color and style. I try to keep everything color coordinated, but with women's clothing sometimes that's a bit tough. Hubby's side of the closet stays so neat and tidy since, for example, all of his shirts fall into just a few categories....short sleeve, long sleeve, dress shirt, and so on. Ladies on the other hand have sleeveless shirts, strapless shirts, then t-shirts and long sleeve shirts...this list could go on forever! I'll post a picture of his side when my side isn't so nauseating and I can compete better!

(Of course, now that I decided to get going on this project its now five in the evening, I need to pick up my son in about half an hour, then Hubby will be home and we'll start prepping dinner shortly after that. Yes, I guess I procrastinated a bit today on getting started. However, I must preface (er, um...excuse myself) by noting that I wasn't fully procrastinating... I was just curled up on my couch with my dogs wrapped in that cute little quilt I won not too long ago. My excuse? Scratchy throat and in need of recuperation from the crazy holidays! I think I'm ready to get busy now for sure! Like totally!)