Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Funny Story...

Ok, I didn't hear this first hand, but I was told this little story last night from a good friend that listened to it all come together. My friend T was taking my son (the little guy) and her son (Lil' J) to the park. While they were in the car driving the radio was on and random commercials were playing. Lil' J, her son, was singing under his breath one of the songs from a commercial. The little guy asked him what he was singing...

Lil' J - I don't know...something about Reptile Disfunction.
the little guy - What is Reptile Disfunction?
Lil' J - I don't know.

So my son, the little guy, asks T what is Reptile Disfunction. She wondered if she should go there, but figured the boys would get made fun of if they talked about Reptile Disfunction in front of other kids who really knew what the commercial was trying to say. So she corrected the boys on what the commercial was about.... Erectile Disfunction.

That led to....

the little guy - What is Erectile Disfunction?
T - Do you know what an erection is?
Lil' J - Mom, you can stop now.
the little guy - No, what's an erection?
T - It's when a penis becomes hard.
the little guy - Why would a man need to take medicine to make his penis hard?
T - Uh, you're gonna have to ask your dad about the rest, ok?

Needless to say my inquisitive little fellow proceeded to ask his father later that night about E.D. My son is only 10. I guess I have the advertisers and radio stations to thank for those wonderful little ads that come on all the stations, even the ones that claim to be "family friendly." I'm not sure how he's missed the ones on television before now...

My point is this, I'm not ready to discuss genital issues with my son, no matter if they belong to other people or not. This was a funny little situation, but when I think of what's to come.... geeze. I'm not ready!