Monday, January 26, 2009

Gardening 101

Ok, so I don't know Gardening 101, or much closely related to teaching you anything about sustaining a garden. But... Hubby and me are gonna take the plunge and start a garden!

We've been talking about (and actually doing some things) to make our home & lifestyle more efficient and more green. We talked about starting a garden last year but never invested the time and money in setting up a specific plot in our backyard for one. Well, this year we are taking action! We love fresh produce, buy a bunch of it every week, so why not try to produce our own?

We'll have to start with prepping the soil, then putting in a little gated area so Axel and Sushi won't indulge in our treats. But, I'm sure once we get started it'll move right along. We can't wait!!! I'll take some pics throughout the process so I can keep you posted on how we're doing. It will be an interesting process, but hopefully it will be a very fruitful one, too! (Sometimes I kill me with my hilarity!)