Sunday, January 25, 2009


It's almost Monday.... Yikes! I'm sooo not ready! This weekend went by waaaayyy too fast. Friday night Hubby and I had dinner and drinks with one of his friends from junior high and her boyfriend...had an absolute blast! Isn't it always nice when you can go out with another couple and make small talk about tons of things? They were super enjoyable to hang out with, and we are looking forward to doing it again soon!

Saturday I hung out with my mom and sis...tons of fun, too! A bit of shopping was involved, which is always a blast. And, tons of good recollective conversation. You know what I mean, the "Hey do you remember when..." stories were flowing. Loved it! Stayed the night with Mom and headed home when she had to fly back to her town of residence. I'm getting better at not boo-hooing when its time for her to leave. Geeze, I'm only 34....guess I should be well past that crying when Mommy leaves thing by now, huh? home and Hubby and I worked on our spare bedroom. It's the music slash sewing slash collect-all room at the moment. We are making it into the music slash sewing room and getting rid of the clutter. I went through all of my fabric scraps and future projects. Let me just say...I must get busy...and fast! It will be great when we get it all to a more happenin' state...I'll keep you posted.

I guess I'm going to sign off and get busy on one of those sewing projects... I'll feel like a total putz if I don't get any stitching accomplished tonight. I'm trying to conquer being a procrastinator. So, um...yeah. I need to get moving. Enjoy the remainder of your Sunday and I'll chat with you soon!

(By the way, I may have to detour to Braums for a sundae before I can stitch.... 'way she goes, Bubs. Way she goes!)