Thursday, January 15, 2009

word verifications

Do you ever pay attention to those little letter combos that pop up to weed out spam on some blogs when you're posting comments? I think sometimes those little combinations are a bit on the psychic side. For example, one day I was feeling very crabby and irritable, but I was still reading my favorite blogs and posting comments as I tried to get out of my funk. That particular day I had one letter combination that spelled
and made wonder if my attitude had inspired the little computer to call me the "b" word but in a refined way. Hmmmm..... Another day the combination spelled
Was I having a particularly foolish day? Not sure, but it certainly made me question my thoughts and actions.

I started compiling a list this week of the combinations that have popped up when I've posted comments, and thought it could be entertaining to come up with some groovy definitions to make some new words. Here's what I've come up with so far...

humstivi - my new word for a delicious healthy snack called hummus
onpro - getting my butt to the gym
defer - passing the buck
sonsers - the little bands on my son's braces
trebr - at a loss for this one...any takers?
walvism - a catchy phrase I share as I'm lounging around the house giving orders to my family members as they wait on me hand and foot (oh wait...that's just a dream...)
adicuri - a type of stereotypic commentary that I like to use when passing judgment on other drivers during my daily commutes
sarehot - a very attractive wise man
ouper - the new word for super; works especially well with small children

I would love to know your definitions of these combinations, too! I'm sure you guys have more great ideas to share!