Monday, December 14, 2009

Fun & Frivolity

Well, folks... this weekend was a great one. I was able to enjoy some serious 'friend' time. Friday night was dinner with some great friends who live a bit too far away for me to hang out with them all the time. Here is a sampling of our dessert at a second stop we made... Flan and Hot Chocolate, with a drizzling of raspberry sauce to swirl each bite through. Top that off with great conversation and lots of laughter and one lovely evening was had by all.

Saturday night was more frivolity and fun, with the same group of friends from Friday night, at a Christmas party. Mingling, dancing and silliness was rampant. Other faces I don't get to see often were there, so lots of catching took place.

Me trying to be a Christmas Tree with a Star topper on my head, but you
should've seen Hubby doing the Robotron Dance!

Tonight The Little Guy comes home and we'll be hanging our lights on the outside of the house. I know, I know... only two weeks until Christmas, but I know you can relate to how busy things have been. Better late than never, right? It should be lots of fun!