Friday, December 11, 2009

Great State Quilt

Danielle at The Starving Art Journal has put together a great project to benefit a local children's hospital and she needs your help. She is coordinating the making of a quilt that includes squares from around the entire United States. She needs one or two representatives from each state to make a 5" quilt square on a square of linen that she is providing. Read about the project here. Then, click on this link to see what states she still needs help from and see if you are able to sign up.

Here is a summary of the guidelines to help you see if this project is for you...

The Guidelines: The quilt will have 50 squares, each square will represent a different state. If there are too many volunteers I will make a second quilt incorporating those squares and donate it to the Children’s Hospital as well. Other than that it is my hope that each square will have personal vision of the state the person is representing. I also hope to have a way of distinguishing each state (ie the name of the state embroidered onto the square, or the state’s shape somewhere on the fabric. ) The only real rule is that the square must be capable of being sewn to the larger quilt, and should incorporate only fabric supplies. (I have been asked about paper, and other delicate materials, but it needs to be sturdy just in case the Hospital allows the children to touch it.) Also, any items that could pose choking hazards (gems, sequins and beads) are not allowed. (This is so that the Hospital has the option to display the work in whatever ward they see fit, and will allow the children to touch it.)

The Squares: Each square is 5 inches and is made of cotton linen. It’s great for embroidery, and fabric arts. Every person will receive one square and will be asked to return it by February 15th. If at that time we do not have enough squares to complete the quilt, I will ask for more volunteers, since this quilt cannot be finished until we have all 50 States represented. Once all 50 States are assembled then my mother and I will sew the quilt and will contact the Hospital once it is finished. My hope is that it will be completed by April and ready for the Children’s hospital.

If you like to sew, please consider participating. This is only a 5" square, will have until February to complete it, and it will be a beautiful distraction for children suffering in a hospital. We are all proud of our states so share your creativity!

Happy Friday, friends!